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Practical advice

Size guide

Screenshot 2022-10-11_17-03-19-007.png

SizesWOMEN'S T-SHIRTSStanley/Stella
Ref STTW028

Screenshot 2022-10-11_17-03-35-002.png

SizesWOMEN'S T-SHIRTSStanley/Stella
Ref STTW032

Screenshot 2022-10-11_17-09-19-928.png
Image de Andreas Wagner

SizesMEN'S T-SHIRTSStanley/Stella
Ref STTU755

Screenshot 2022-10-11_17-17-24-290.png

SizesMEN'S T-SHIRTSStanley/Stella
Ref STTM528

Screenshot 2022-10-11_17-17-38-442.png
Screenshot 2022-10-12_16-42-12-971.png

SizesWOMEN SWEATSHIRTSHoodie Stanley/Stella
Ref STSW137

Screenshot 2022-10-12_16-42-32-637.png

SizesMEN SWEATSHIRTSHoodie Stanley/Stella
Ref STSM607

Screenshot 2022-10-12_16-42-43-681.png
Image de Kateryna Hliznitsova
Image de Daniel J. Schwarz
Image de Dan Gold

Washing tips

In order to enjoy our printed items (T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Tote-bags) for as long as possible, we advise you to respect certain washing precautions.

Wash inside out (maximum 30°C)

Tumble dryer prohibited

Iron inside out (no steam and medium heat)
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