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Level BAC + 2, BTS Tourism, holder of a canine groomer diploma and a certificate of completion of veterinary assistant studies in my pocket, I decided to start my own business.


I created an ethical and vegan clothing brandinorganic cottonfor men and women who are looking for original logos with “Themes” that stand out for their originalitydesigns made by hand and printed in France.

A brand which is also distinguished by the quality of the organic cotton textile materials, from the Stanley & Stella brand, designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


Passionate about animals and tattoos, very sensitive to the environmental cause, I wanted to embark on a project that had been close to my heart for a few years.


Of a persevering temperament with a thirst for freedom of enterprise, my activism in the animal cause and my love for nature (which must be preserved at all costs), are my main leitmotifs which enabled me to concretize my project which emerged in 2017.


Wendy Fievez

Owner and designer

from DreamShirt Factory

i love my dog face.jpg

And so was born my ready-to-wear brand DreamShirt Factory which fully corresponds to my convictions and my expectations.

My collection entirely handmade, from size S to XL, carrying messages for the animal cause (T-shirts I LOVE MY CAT, I LOVE MY DOG or the elephant's head against poaching) or the T- NATURE shirt against the destruction of the environment.

In my online store, you will find all the models of men's and women's t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags, including the dream catcher decorated  with the YIN symbol and the YANG (logo of the brand) or more rock patterns.

Deeply altruistic and human, passionate about my job, I am committed to doing my best to satisfy you throughout the purchase process in my DreamShirt Factory online store, from ordering to delivery of your package.

A choice at the service ofquality some products

Choosing 100% organic cotton means contributing to the development of its culture, and therefore reducing the considerable impact of traditional cotton production on the environment.


Cotton is the most polluting crop on the planet through its use of insecticides and pesticides.

Organic cotton is grown with natural compost that replaces fertilizers or chemicals and pesticides, with the water consumption necessary for its cultivation reduced by half compared to conventional cotton.

Wearing organic cotton textiles is also helping to preserve your health. Softer and more flexible "Non-Toxic", the organic cotton fiber is thicker and hypoallergenic.

DreamShirt Factory therefore only offers you organic cotton textiles that are ethical and respectful of the environment.

Image de 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič
Quality, durability
and comfort 
Selected, ethical fabrics
and ecological.
100% Organic Cotton
Unique design, hand drawn originals by Wendy
Quality and easily reachable customer service
Fast delivery in France
within 48 hours
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